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    Meet 3 new eSUN 3D printed insoles at sports therapy conference


    ​A thousand miles begins with a single step.

    Both the weight and walking of the human body depend on the normal biomechanics of the foot. Abnormalities in the biological line of the foot, such as long-term incorrect walking posture or irregular movements, can easily cause pain and injury to various joints, and even cause irreversible damage to the body. Foot problems need to be taken seriously.


    From flat foot to XO-shaped leg, and from the scoliosis to the high and low shoulders, they can all be corrected with orthopedic insoles. The orthopedic insole is a corrective aid for the purpose of restoring normal biomechanics of the human body based on the anatomical structure of the ankle.




    Orthopedic insoles can be divided into prefabricated insoles and custom insoles




    Today, there are many brands of orthopedic insoles on the market, most of which are divided into prefabricated insoles and custom insoles.


    Among them, prefabricated insoles are mostly used for exercise, which can prevent foot diseases or mildly corrected foot problems. Standard custom mass production can greatly reduce the price of insoles, which can be used by the general population; and another type of custom insole is used in special case treatment or research projects in research institutions.


    With the rapid development and popularization of digital technology, the industry has begun to adopt 3D printing technology such as foot pressure scanners and 3D scanners. For the patient's foot structure, 3D printed scans can sample more accurate data, and provide custom insoles much more efficiently and comprehensively.


    eSUN releases three new 3D printed insoles

    Nowadays, eSUN, as a world-renowned brand of 3D printing materials, with years experience of developing 3D printing materials and equipment, developed two prefabricated insoles: iSUN3D flat foot health insole and iSUN3D sports protection insole; and one custom insole: 3D printed custom insole. Please see the following picture for details.


    The above three insoles are all made of eSUN custom insole special antibacterial TPU polymer material, with high flexibility and resilience characteristics, skin-friendly and mildewproof.


    iSUN3D customized 3D printing insole system


    The launch of three orthopedic insoles products are inspired by the first iSUN3D customized 3D printing insole system created by eSUN at the beginning of this year. In response to the weakness in the orthopedic insole industry, eSUN has developed 3D printing materials and 3D printers for the production of orthopedic insoles.


    Taking advantage of materials and integrating global resources, eSUN has finally developed a foot scan after several years, a Foot Scanning - Design - 3D Printing - Post Processing System. It has now been put into practical application and accumulated experience. Nowadays, orthopedic insoles design and 3D printing machining center have been established in Shenzhen and Xiaogan, Hubei.



    If you want more comprehensive product information or experience, please join the China Rehabilitation Medical Association Sports Therapy Conference with eSUN! We will bring the latest rehabilitation medical solutions at booth # B09. Please stay tuned!


    Exhibition Name: China Rehabilitation Medical Association Sports Therapy Conference

    Time: November 1st to 3rd, 2019

    Exhibition address: Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center

    Booth No: # B09

    Website: www.panoramaconference.com/wechat_2019sports/


    We have more surprise for you! During the sports therapy conference, visit eSUN Tmall store, you can get a 50 yuan discount coupon for flat foot insoles or 3D printed custom insole!

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