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    Coated Grade PLA



    Coated Grade PLA




    Product Introduction


    Coated Grade PLA material is used to produce coating paper, which can be coated on paper, non-woven cloth, woven cloth and other flexible substrate surface. It can be used for packaging and making a variety of products, such as kraft paper bags, cold (hot) beverage cups, coffee cups, soup bowls, paper plates and dinner boxes.Compared with the traditional polyethylene film coating paper, PLA film coating paper can not only play the role of waterproof, oil-proof and heat insulation, but also has the characteristics of non-toxic and biodegradable.




    产品特点 Properties
    100% PLA biodegradable material derived from corn;In line with European EN13432, American ASTM D6400 standard;Environment-friendly, 100% completely biodegradable under the situation of compost;


    Safe, healthy, food grade, used for drink hot or cold;


    High tensile strength, small shrinkage, good adhesion;



    Good heat and cold resistance, good corrosion resistance, in line with ROHS, REACH, PAHS and some food grade environmental protection testing.






     Application examples


    It can be used to make a variety of products, such as cold (hot) beverage cups, coffee cups, soup bowls, trays and lunch boxes.





    Research problems in polylactic acid processing,

    provide technical solutions for free.



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    Coated Grade PLA